Periscope – Broadcasting Your Content from Your Phone. Live

Kyle Whitfield of the Advocate in Baton Rouge (@Kyle_Whitfield) gave us the highlights of using Periscope during a Baton Rouge Social Media Association @brsocme event yesterday.

What is this?  Periscope is an app on your phone or IPad that lets you Live Stream video to the world.  For free.

Why does this matter?  The difference from FaceTime and other web based streaming devices is the ability to leverage your Twitter followers and amplify the message to additional followers.

Twitter owns Periscope and connects your followers to your live broadcast.   Your followers get an alert, or tweet, each time you begin streaming.

The app is now available on Android phones, so go try it out.   It even downloaded on my Android which is usually too loaded up with apps to accept much more.   Thumbs up there.

For publishers and journalists, it’s a great way to deliver additional content to your audience that drives them to your website, where you serve up ads.

For public relations and marketing professionals, you can give your brand loyalists additional content about the brand that could easily increase your consumer sentiment scores.    Love Brittany Spears?  Follow her and see a video of her playing with the children.  Love Whole Foods?  Follow Whole Foods and watch them interviewing some of their local growers.

Other ideas?  Lessons learned?  Let’s hear from you!

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