How It Works

Classic Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns

Exploratory Phase – most clients take advantage of the one-hour free consultation. You can begin that process by contacting us via email or calling 225-650-5176.  There is no obligation or fee. We guarantee that even just taking the time to review your goals with a consultant will bring at least one new idea you can use in your business.

Value Proposition – During the consultation, we compare your business goals against our unique competencies.  We will be able to outline if and how our team can help you attract and retain new relationships to help you achieve success.

Initial Approval – A high level plan with creative brief and budget is delivered to your team for approval.

Project Launch – Tactical steps and timelines are added once the project is underway.

Reporting – Delivered based on client’s requested timeline.

Digital Campaigns

Initial Approval – If you decide to proceed with a digital buy, we will design a proposal for a 1, 2, or 3 month initial campaign. 

You approve initial advertising designs and keywords as well as daily budget spend.  Daily budget spend can be as small as $1 per day.

Project Launch – Approximately two days to two weeks after the campaign start, you will begin to notice an uptick in traffic and sales leads via phone and email.

Reporting – You receive a phone call consultation and report outlining number of thousand impressions, number of clicks, cost per click, number of leads, cost per lead.

Value Add – Email campaign and lead curation is available on an hourly rate basis.

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