In case you need more proof that this stuff works -hear what our clients have to say.

Gouner Law Firm

Greg Gouner
Greg Gouner, Owner, Gouner Law Firm

“I have been very pleased with the work that Lisa and her colleagues have done for my law firm over the past year and a half.  She has reduced the amount that I pay for Google Adwords and connected me with new client leads in a way that was much less expensive than the ‘lead generators’ out there.” – Greg Gouner, JD, owner Gouner Law Firm, Baton Rouge, LA

professional photo
Lisa Stansbury

“The solutions we used for Gouner Law Firm will work for many small businesses.  Greg had been managing the AdWords account himself and was overwhelmed with the changes that Google had put into place.  Unfortunately he was missing out on some of the best enhancements, such as the call extenders — Greg’s potential clients can now click to call his phone number directly from their mobile phones.  This has been a great boost to his lead conversions and it was free and easy to implement.”  — Lisa Stansbury, co-founder Stansbury Creative Consultants.

Lisa Gehring, soon-to-be-published author

“All the information you gave me helped me know that I wanted someone else to do marketing for me. You really gave me the whole picture of what it would take to do it myself, which was part of the reason I decided to try one more time to submit my picture book to another publisher. The experience with Magination Press, APA division, has been delightful.”

(see more successful projects and recommendations at Lisa’s LinkedIn Page )

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